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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Direct Push Guide

I am currently working on a comprehensive guide to Microsoft's Direct Push Technology based on my own experiences (I wanted to say struggles, but if I said that you probably wouldn't read it anymore would you?) getting Microsoft Exchange 2003 SP2 and my HP rw6818 to talk push mail. The topics and coverage are more or less finalized. In fact, I've listed them below.

Hopefully, it'll be a help to folks tearing their hair out trying to get Microsoft's push mail up and running with their Windows Mobile 5.0 devices. The goal is to create a readable guide that gives a sufficiently technical and broad coverage of Direct Push without boring you to tears.

This placeholder page will not be changed - so feel free to link here directly and come back periodically as I finish up the other sections.

1. Introduction

2. Getting it up!

  • Pre-requisites for Direct Push
  • Setting up your Server: Web2Mail
  • Setting up your Server: Exchange 2003
  • Configuring your Handheld

3. Advanced Topics

  • Troubleshooting and diagnosis
  • Monitoring your traffic
  • Advanced traffic tuning
  • Tricks and Tips

As it is a work in progress, if you spot any fractual mistakes or errors, do feel free to feedback to me by leaving your comments on this blog or by dropping me a mail directly at paulmah (at) Cheers!

KeyControl 1.02 Released!

KeyControl is an extremely configurable plug-in that makes it possible to access Winamp and control it through your own system-wide hotkeys. Standard functions such as Play, stop, skip track, fast forward are all supported. There are also more interesting ones such as system volume control, switching skin and even single-play PGM (Repeating your favorite song at the touch of a hotkey).

Even though it was initially released way back in 2001, its ability to create hotkeys using the standard ALT-CTRL-SHIFT as well as the WIN-key as modifiers remains unsurpassed. Not only that, you can combine these modifiers not only with the standard keyboard keys but also with the SCROLL WHEEL or the MOUSE BUTTONS of your computer mouse to form the most unique hotkeys. This is something not found in ANY other hotkey plug-ins, including the default one bundled in recent versions of Winamp!

Maximize your keyboard keys so that you can play your favorite FPS or MMORPG games completely unhindered. Give it a try today!

[Download KeyControl v1.02]